Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playlist of the Week

I think I read someone's Facebook status the other day and he, who shall remain nameless, said something like "Music = Life". There were like a million comments on that status, saying they either agreed or disagreed and numerous other comments that had no relation whatsoever with the status.
I for one, agree. It is life for me. I start, spend and end my day with music. I get this feel of suffocation and unrest when I don't listen to music. My moments of clarity all happen when I have music on, and I can safely say, I'll never go a day with out it. I even have my own freakin' anthem in my head, that one song that I reply whenever I feel like I need extra strength or encouragement to go through another sucky day.

For this week, this is my ultimate playlist:

1. Have A Little Faith In Me - John Hiatt
2. Miss Independent - Ne Yo
3. Alone - Heart
4. Everywhere - Michelle Branch
5. I've Got You - McFly
6. Umbrella - Marie Digby (Acoustic Version)
7. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
8. The Shake (Awful Feeling) - My American Heart
9. So What - Pink
10. You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift

Til next time.


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