Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rejection Stinks

Sometimes you go out on a limb, risk everything you've got, put yourself out there, let your guard down and hope for the best. You tell yourself that you never know unless you try. You convince yourself that it's worth a shot, that you'll be happy knowing that you gave it your all even if you end up flat on your ass.
No matter how much you convince yourself you'll be fine, the truth is, when the rejection actually comes, when the failure actually occurs, you end up being one miserable bitch.
Case in point: me.
I gave it my all, I did my best, and submitted a piece I worked my ass off for months. It got returned to me with a short message to say, "I'm sorry but I do not share your passion for this."
To me, my initial reaction was, why bother with an apology? If it's rejected, then it's rejected, just go straight to the point. There was no use for formality.
I went through days of deliberation : Am I OK with this? Does this make me stronger or does this make me quit?
It's been weeks since the rejection e-mail, and I'll be honest, I haven't even begun to get over it yet!
When you tell yourself you can take it, when you tell yourself that it'll only make you stronger in the end, be careful! It might not be true, and even if it is, it might take longer than you can handle... :(

Here's hoping I get over this soon!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Playlist of the Week

I think I read someone's Facebook status the other day and he, who shall remain nameless, said something like "Music = Life". There were like a million comments on that status, saying they either agreed or disagreed and numerous other comments that had no relation whatsoever with the status.
I for one, agree. It is life for me. I start, spend and end my day with music. I get this feel of suffocation and unrest when I don't listen to music. My moments of clarity all happen when I have music on, and I can safely say, I'll never go a day with out it. I even have my own freakin' anthem in my head, that one song that I reply whenever I feel like I need extra strength or encouragement to go through another sucky day.

For this week, this is my ultimate playlist:

1. Have A Little Faith In Me - John Hiatt
2. Miss Independent - Ne Yo
3. Alone - Heart
4. Everywhere - Michelle Branch
5. I've Got You - McFly
6. Umbrella - Marie Digby (Acoustic Version)
7. Supermassive Black Hole - Muse
8. The Shake (Awful Feeling) - My American Heart
9. So What - Pink
10. You're Not Sorry - Taylor Swift

Til next time.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Technology Bites

After years of avoiding it, I have finally managed to convince myself to try this blogging thing, only to write five long paragraphs and have it erased accidentally! Of all the luck...

Oh well. This is my attempt at trying it again - if this doesn't work, I'm giving this up for good. Why bother? Technology was made to make things easier for you, not more difficult. My first experince with this wonderful technology called blogging : NOT great. Frustrating even.

There you have it, ladies and gentleman... My second attempt at blogging, and it seems to be OK. I'm thanking my lucky stars...

For those of you who don't know me, for now, I'll just go by the initial S. It pretty much sums it up anyway... it's the initial to my name and almost everything about me: sweet, savvy, smart, smiley, short, sarcastic and sexy. But my friends often call me The Ultimate Drama Princess. Well, ok, they actually call me Drama Queen, but I refuse to be Queen because that is my mother! But yes, like her, I make a big deal out of everything.

I'll stop here for now, since I really have nothing read worthy to say for now. I'll be back with more later on... Til then, let me enjoy my temporary insomina... :)


I finally give in and start blogging...

Alright... alright... I give up.

I tried to keep things the way they used to, you know. I had my pen all ready and a brand new diary. But then I figured, in order to people to actually read about what I write, I'd have to make copies and it just seemed like to much of a hassle. In this day and age, it's about time I start using my computer for other things than just to type up things for work. So, ladies and gentleman, I succumb to the modern day diary, the Blog.

I've noticed that everyone has blogs these days. Apparently, I was the only one in the universe who didn't get the memo that diaries are OUT and blogs are so totally IN. Hmph. I wonder who wrote that memo, and where the heck is my copy!

Anyway - here I am, blogging away for the first time, and talking about absolute RUBBISH because I have no idea what to write.

If you're wondering why I use the name Drama Princess, well, I'm sort of like a drama queen but I'm too young to be a queen. So there you go, drama princess. And yes, true to the name, I make a big deal out of absolutely everything... :)