Thursday, January 8, 2009

Movie Night - Australia

Just went to see Australia with one of my best friends, and can I tell you? Even though all the reviews were bad, I actually enjoyed it. Huh. Go figure.

It was refreshing to see Hugh Jackman looking like a man instead of some weird beast-type person (X-Men). The fact that he showed off buff and an insane six pack was pretty much a bonus... Let's not even go to the acting, his emotions got so real, especially during the part where he goes to the Bar (spoiler alert....) and demands for his Aboriginal buddy to be let in and given a drink. The tears, oh! (Well, mostly his, not mine)

Nicole was unfortunaly just 'eh' - as in acceptable but not Oscar worthy.

It was a bit long, I'll admit, and all through the movie my arm was just itching to slap the up-to-no-good jerk, Neil Fletcher. I'm imagining that whenever the actor steps out of his house in Australia (or wherever he lives), he'll be getting slaps all around from people. I'd probably be one of them. But that just proves the actor was brilliant in the portrayal, right?
Oh, and that kid Nullah - totally cute.

Oscar buzz? Nah, I don't think so. But if you have two hours to kill, try it out... ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year - New Dreams

Happy New Year, everyone!!
I know, I'm a little bit late - like three days late. But who cares? We are all owners of our own time, if I want to be late with this, who are you to judge? Besides, everyone is still in the holiday spirit anyway, no one wants to be going back to work on Monday... dread... dread...

So, the norm is to have resolutions every year right? I never really understood the point of that, since no one really manages to accomplish any of them. Like the people who always say they want to quit smoking, and do, for like five days (so you have two more days to go now!!) and go right back to killing themselves (ouch - I still occasionally do it, damn. Note to self, STOP IT!). Or like the people (i.e. ME) who always start the new year saying that they'll exercise more and lose unwanted weight. Yeah, right. Who are we kidding?

But anyway, in light of tradition - to honor what has always been done, I actually do have a few resolutions... Or maybe, to be more accurate, these are GOALS and DREAMS instead of resolutions... and trust me, if they materialize, well, I promise I'll never laugh at another resolution again for as long as I live...

1. Lose some damn weight! Like 20 pounds if possible, even though I'd probably be wafer thin after that. Screw it, we all dream to look like Heidi Klum even if we don't admit it.
2. Finish my novel and get it freakin' published. Enough already with the rejections. I've had it! I am determined to make it - no matter what.
3. Audition for New Moon or Eclipse? Haha! I'm laughing my ass off just thinking of it. Scratch that, the resolution is actually for me to be a part of something BIG in the world. Something people talk about (in a good way), so when I google myself, I don't just find my own blog and my own stupid comments on Facebook and Myspace. Like maybe there'll be articles about me in places like Time Magazine or People Magazine, or whatever (do you notice my standards dropped there, from Time to People??!?! Wtf?!)
4. Travel the rest of the world... I still haven't been to Spain, UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Mexico, Korea, New Zealand........ I want to see those places....!

OK... enough...
Not that I don't have more in my mind, but too many would just wear to thin and I wouldn't be able to focus.

So, let's see how this year goes... and maybe, just maybe, the next blog I do in January 2010, I can proudly say I accomplished them. Or not. Whatever.

Oh, oh, and songs for this week are:
1. Leave Out All The Rest - Linkin Park
2. No Greater Love - Rachel Lampa
3. How Can I Not Love You - Joy Enriques
4. Home - Michael Buble
5. Always Be My Baby - David Cook
6. Over You - Daughtry
7. Decode - Paramore
8. Never Think (Too Far Gone) - Sam Bradley's version... which is MUCH better than the one on the movie soundtrack. Ugh. You know, the one the actor sings - that Rob guy. Seriously, the dude looks pretty alright, and his acting is totally thumbs up worthy, but OH Please, don't make him sing! My ears... I still need them for hearing...

That's a wrap for now...