Friday, April 23, 2010

Post Holiday Overload

Fifteen days in Japan, two days in Hong Kong. Total holiday days taken: 17.
You would think that after such a long holiday like that, I would come back all refreshed, happy, and relaxed, ready to tackle anything that comes my way with my fight face on and my punch ready to smack all the crap and nonsense away.

And that was exactly what happened. For like the first half hour of being back in the office.

Now look, I don't want to sound ungrateful for the holiday I had. In fact, I thank God that I finally had the opportunity (after 2 years of not taking any leave!!) to take a break from everything and just spend quality time with my kids enjoying life and enjoying the scenery. The holiday was awesome!

The only problem was getting back into the routine POST holiday.

Picture this: I came back to work with a pile of papers to sign, over 2000 emails to read (even though I already read some during the holiday on my blackberry --Onyx can be used in Japan --), and a line up of people outside my door ready to tell me all the problems they encountered while I was away and to get me up to speed with what had been going on and what was coming up next. Then, I check my schedule on my desk, and see one of the longest lists of meetings in the history of my 10 years with the company. Yikes!

It's now been around 2 weeks since coming back (which explains why I have been MIA on this blogging thing too), and I am STILL not back into my zone yet! In fact, if anything, I feel even more overwhelmed than before taking the holiday! By day 2 of being back at work, I wished I could just pack up and leave on another vacation.

Oh well. I guess that's how life is. You want a vay-cay, you get one, you come back, you complain and you want another one. You want a job, you get one, then you complain about it. It's like nothing is ever enough and you keep on wanting more. But like I posted on an earlier tweet this week: Everyday is a choice. You either be grateful for what you have and be happy, or look at others that have (or get) more and be miserable. It's totally your call.

I am overwhelmed - yes indeed. I am more exhausted now than before going on the break - oh yes certainly. But you know what, I've decided I'm OK with it... because it actually means I have a job, and I am simply a bit busier because I went on a kick-ass holiday for a long time, and I just need a bit of time to catch up... :) I swear, just writing this, I'm a lot happier already!

What's your choice for today? :)

Oh - and just to show you a glimpse of the awesome, kick-ass Japan trip, I've given you a little pic of me and the blooming cherry blossoms! We were so lucky to be there when they were blossoming, because they only last about 2 weeks in the year, and you can never really pinpoint when they start to bloom. So cool!

Till next time!

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