Monday, April 6, 2009

It's an odd world we live in...

I was minding my own business - I swear - and all of a sudden, I notice a very (very) pretty girl falls. Or pretends to fall - I'm not sure. Well, actually, I'm pretty sure it was 'pretend to fall' because it was just the classic move I would have done back in the day when I was carefree and single.

So she 'falls' right in front of a group of guys: 3 incredibly handsome jock types, and 1 geeky looking dude with glasses, spiked hair and enough product in his hair to last normal people a lifetime.

When she fell, the ONLY person who reacted was the geeky looking guy. He was wearing this 'way too big' t-shirt with oddly shaped jeans, that did not do him any good at all. In reflex, he grabbed the girl by the arm, thus preventing her from falling flat on her ass.

When this happened, I thought to myself, 'whoa, great reflexes!', and then I thought, the girl is going to thank the guy and be forever grateful. Or something that normally happens in movies: a quick peck on the cheek in gratitude - which would make the geek blush, drop his head down and then his friends would start to whistle and woo, and start punching him in the arm saying things like 'way to go, tiger' or something. (note to self: stop watching cheesy movies.)

Was that what happened, you ask? Absolutely not!
Instead, pretty girl got up, looked furious, and pulled geek boy aside. She - in a high pitched voice - said something like 'how dare you touch me!' and quite possibly said something along the line of 'you weren't supposed to save me!' I didn't hear it word for word, but it seemed like that was what she said.

Geek boy, terrified and starting to perspire, apologized to her roughly twenty times or so, and looked like he was going to start hyperventilating. His friends, who were not more that a foot away from them, stood there, laughing at him.

I couldn't help but shake my head as I saw all of this. Three things were extremely, extremely wrong in this whole scenario.

One: what the heck was pretty girl screaming at this guy for?! He helped her! He grabbed her just in time so she wouldn't hurt her pretty little bum! Shouldn't she have been grateful at the heroic act? Just because he was geeky looking and wasn't one of the cute jocks she apparently had been eyeing on, does that mean geek boy doesn't deserve gratitude? What, he isn't good enough to save her?

Two: geek boy apologized? For what?! Why on earth was he saying sorry for doing a good thing? Was he apologizing for not being the guy she wanted him to be? It wouldn't have been a problem if he was saying 'sorry I saved you' - as in regretting ever laying a hand on her. But saying sorry because he wasn't supposed to save her? What the heck was that? Low self esteem?

Three: his friends stood there laughing. No one came up to save him! It was actually a bit sick how they enjoyed watching him being tortured by pretty girl.

I'm confused. What is wrong with society? Is everyone so twisted these days that everyone has a classification now: geek boy, pretty girl, jock, and so they don't mix together? Is self esteem so low these days that people have to apologize for being who they are instead of being proud or content with their personality? Are people so shallow these days that just because someone doesn't look as good as others, they automatically get crossed off the list as human beings?

I'll tell you another sick thing about this whole story: I can't think of any other way to describe geek boy, pretty girl and jock!

This society needs help. Desperately. What will become of us if we keep doing this?

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